Naomi Shimada is a multi platform story teller, model and TV presenter who is fast becoming the voice of her generation.  Half Japanese, she has lived extensively in New York, Tokyo, London and Andalucia, all of which have given her a unique perspective on the world. Naomi’s candid and frank depiction about her experience as a model within the wider fashion industry, has meant she has become a prolific voice in the body positive movement.

As a self-proclaimed ‘global citizen,’ Naomi has been profiled by several prestigious media including Refinery29, the BBC, The Guardian, Vogue and i-D.  She has graced the cover ofThe Observer magazine, and discussed fashion’s prejudices towards plus-size models with acclaimed writer Eva Wiseman.   Candid and self-deprecating, she has a relatable style and aspirational approach to her career.  Naomi has always been socially engaged and actively works to shed light on social causes close to her heart.  She is currently in pre-production on a documentary video series she has created and produced, which is committed to social issues that affect women across the globe; from sexuality, to motherhood and health.