Thursday, September 15, 2016


I was obviously excited to go back to Berlin for Bread Butter but I totally underestimated HOW MUCH FUN I WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE!

Somehow Bread&&Butter 16’ tied together all the things I love! Amazing clothes, the most delicious food, nicest people and fabulous dancing thanks to their new boiler room collabo! Every night was spent dancing till the very last track - the turn up was very real in the best possible way!!! I was in such luck as by total coincidence half the dj’s that got booked to play where good friends of mine! So I got to tear it up every night, laugh till I cried and work every muscle body poppin’ till the early hours! 

As soon as I walked through the door on the first day I got my hair braided by the Braid Gang and I was ready to set the tone for the weekend and lift off!!!!! 

We went on long walking tours of berlin to discover corners that even seasoned berlin veterans like me didn’t know about! my favorite moment was when we got to visit one of the old original Hermann Henselmann apartments in Strausberger Platz that is home to my favourite fountain in the world!!!! the home we visited was literally my dream home! decked in pink and all the These apartments were the part of the giant post-war regeneration project that gives friedrichschain it’s distinct look 

I knew that I would get to meet some great people on this trip but I ended up meeting actual FRIENDS 4 LIFE! ON this trip I totally fell head over heels in full on friend luv for Sarah Feingold + Freddie Harrell my partners in crime on this Zalando adventure.

Sarah is the most gorgeous art director/editor who’s based in Berlin with a literal heart of gold. Freddie runs these incredible workshops to teach women all about how to feel the best version of themselves on the daily. Even 6 months pregnant she had more energy and dance moves than all the girls put together. She is such a wonderful, inspiring human being - couldn’t be happier and more grateful to Zalando for bringing us out to Berlin so we could cross paths IRL! 

They really managed to make it such an immersive experience - I really am so impressed! I’m already making plans to be back there next year no doubt! I love when life surprises you and work doesn’t feel like work at ALL! Life is but a dream! 

Friday, August 26, 2016

countdown 2 kitty!

There pretty much isn’t a bigger hello kitty fan in the world than me! Literally ever single person who knows me can vouch for this! So you can imagine my absolute delight when I heard about hello kitty’s new collaboration with Marina Hoermanseder! Berlin based French Austrian cult designer Marina’s collections have been going from strength to strength and she’s well known for her iconic exaggerated hour glass figures and beautiful colorful woven leather are always a feast on the eyes! Very much the perfect little collaboration to show how Kitty is for everyone! Marina brings such a touch of 2k16 glamour - Hello Kitty definitely isn’t just for kids and this fashion forward collection whether you’re in the mood to dress up or dress down shows that kitty is always the girl for you! The low key pieces t-shirts and fun leather accessories make them easy to wear and brings the fun back into fashion!!!!

Bread&Butter are bringng the Hello Kitty universe to life as they are going ALL out and taking things to new levels of kawaiiii by setting up an interactive space thats going to make you feel like you’re right smack back in the middle of Tokyo! What could be more hello kitty than that! As a Tokyo - native I can’t wait to see this actually brought to life so I can give it my little seal of approval! Visitors will get to see the 2 worlds of Marina and hello kitty collide! 

Hello Kitty fan’s unite this is a roll call!!!!!!!

Bread&Butter by Zalando takes place in Berlin on 2-4 September! 

Get your tickets here!

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Over the last few years I've been dying to make it down to Bread&&Butter, as out of all the trade shows it just seemed to be the most popping by far! The parties, the people - something about it just seemed different to all the others. This was the perfect year for me to attend as Bread&Butter by Zalando have just relaunched and evolved into a consumer facing trend show bringing the worlds of music and fashion together in a city where those two things rule supreme!

the rebrand re-evaluates the traditional trade show aesthetic for brands to actually be able to interact with their consumers in an inclusive way they haven't able to do before. Some of the brands that will be showing include adidas,Converse, Eastpak, Lee, Levi’s®, Marina Hoermanseder X Hello Kitty (obviously my top choice of what I'm looking forward to!), Nike, Reebok, and Vans to name but a few.  Brands such as Topshop, Hugo and Puma will even be hosting fashion shows with instantly shoppable looks that you don't have to wait a season for!

Their evolutionary motto is 'NOW' - customers get to be a part of the scene and play a part in a non-elitist fashion experience!

Was so happy to walk through the doors and see that they had chosen my pals illustrator duo Craig + Carl better to bring the 'NOW' motto to life!

The musical aspect has been highly considered and Boiler Room are curating the musical experiences for the week and I can't wait to see what they have in store, one things for sure I'm going be dressed to sweat!

So I hop, skipped and jumped over to Berlin to go to the preview party which was held in the most insane space equipped with pools, bouncy castles and a tattoo artist doing free tattoo's! I somehow managed to resist the urge this time!

Berlin is my heart. No matter how chaotic this city gets there is a sense of calm that I haven't experienced anywhere else.


Thanks for having me B&&B + bring on September I can't wait to go back!



Bread&Butter by Zalando is taking place from 2nd-4th of September 2016 at Arena Berlin. Bread&Butter is open to the public, digitalized and focuses on new trends and ideas. Everyone is invited!!!  Tickets available from 13th July 2016 on

Friday, September 18, 2015


got to play around with cute clothes from closet london a few months ago to celebrate the launch of their new plus line! this red skirt is ended up being my total summer staple! their range with start from a 12-26!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Monday, March 16, 2015


Astoria in Queens is truly one of my all time favorite new york neighborhoods! They have hilarious/amazing greek murals, their food game is insane and the boys are CUTE AS!

Spent the afternoon walking around, eating lots and taking some snaps with my girls.

Photos by Cameron Bertron / Styling by Sabrina Bacon


1.  Artopolis Bakery (get the Galaktoboureko - semolina + custard golden pastry almost better than baklava!!!)
2. Duzan - the dark meat chicken shwarma!!!
3. Rizzo's fine pizza
4. El Taverna!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015


Spent International Women's Day putting the world to rights and playing the ultimate power lady jams on the radio alongside the incredible journalist, founder of the WW Club (a brand new and exciting supportive space for working women worldwide PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!) and moderator extraordinaire Phoebe Lovatt AS WELL as the sassy as hell, wise beyond her years bb tumblr superstar Paloma Elsesser! This actually was the first time we all met IRL but obviously we clicked immediately and it was so great to feel like we were on the same page about so many issues.

I've been spending so many powerful hours with a multitude of wonderful women recently and I've never been as inspired as I am right now to push myself to evolve and learn new things! We all need each other to keep us going and challenged, we are so much stronger all together. Hoping to do more radio stuff soon so fingers crossed and listen out for more!

AND don't forget THE SISTERHOOD IS REAL!!!!!

Thanks again to Phoebe for bringing us all together!

Listen back below!!!!


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Friday, December 5, 2014



New York City 03/12/2014' - Rockefeller Center // Times Square // Grand Central Terminal